Tuesday 2 March 2010

Premium Bonds - Auf wiedersehen pet or what?

The Great British sell-off is continuing unabated.

I telephoned the sales desk of the National Savings organization recently regarding the purchase of Premium Bonds.

In my view the agent was rude and unhelpful in the extreme.

When I told him that it was inappropriate for a government employee to talk as he was he explained that he was paid by Siemens - the German Electronics conglomerate.

A little know fact is that the government has sub-contracted part of the Premium Bond operation to the Germans.

Since Thatcher started flogging off to Joe Public that what they already owned - many of our Great British companies are now in Foreign mits.

Utility companies to the French, the high end Royal Mail to TNT, UK Mail, TNT and DHL, Manchester United and other great clubs are all in foreign hands.

Mushroom Components is at least remaining in British hands - that is until I retire - then I am out of here on the next available Lufthansa flight!

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