Thursday 11 February 2010

Companies House - ideal for those with low blood pressure

New web filing software is a disaster.

Each year, all companies in the UK have to file an Annual return confirming details of Directors, Registered Offices, shareholders and other relevant information.

In recent years we have done this via the internet and it has been relatively straightforward.

Until today! Apparently legislation has been changed (no doubt by the parasites in Brussels!) More info is needed.

After spending almost an hour of my valuable selling time wrestling with their new software, in desperation I phoned the help desk (premium rate number!).

I was talked through various stages of the procedure until various red error messages appeared.

I said to the girl on the phone - "that's as far as we got".

To which she replied "Ah - there's a glitch in our new software - you need to do this to continue"

I was incandescent - and reached for my blood pressure tablets.

Just another example of the public sector living in dreamworld - Companies like Mushroom Components have to be mega efficient otherwise we go down the plughole. We don't have large reserves of cash to fall back on and we wont get bailed out by the public like the Bankers.

Come on Companies House - get it fixed!

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