Wednesday 28 September 2011

Am I a Virgin – No, not yet….!

Excited at the promise of ultra high speed broadband at my office at home, I checked on the Virgin Media website that their service was available at my address.
I then visited the Virgin Media shop in Bedford where the assistant answered my technical queries.
I asked if there really was cable in my road as there was no tell-tale scar in the pavement where cable had been laid.

She assured me that there was and indeed according to her computer, several residents had already taken up the service.

Good enough for me.

Upon returning home, I telephoned Virgin Media and ordered a high-end package costing almost £100 per month and forked out £150 for the hardware.

The sales girl assured me that there was cable in our road and according to her computer several residents had already taken up the service

I was given an installation date of 16th June.

I then spent 3 hours trying to cancel my telephone and broadband service with BT.
Not easy when you keep getting shunted from one department to another.

On the 13th June I had a tatty note pushed through my front door from Virgin stating that my order was cancelled, as there was no cable in my road.

Disappointed, but not totally surprised, I called the number on the letter and was asked if I wanted a refund. In my finest sarcastic voice I said no - you go and have a few beers on my account!

An email to the person that took my order and payment remains unanswered and the telephone number that she gave me is never answered.

The shop manager in Bedford was less than helpful. I put it to him that the very least he should do is to have the Virgin database amended so that our postcode is removed to save other residents in Wellingborough falling in to the same trap.

The manager said that it was not his job to do that and in any case, it would take at least six months to filter through.

I then had to go cap in hand back to BT and explain, and to try and get reconnected

Not easy when you keep getting shunted from one department to another.

The sympathetic BT girl said that it happens all the time and promised that I would be reconnected with no loss of service.

On the 1st of July I was incensed to learn that my home telephone number and broadband service was disconnected.

I then spend 3 hours talking to BT to find out what had gone disastrously wrong.

Not easy when you keep getting shunted from one department to another.

Apparently, the residential team at BT do not talk to their Business team who looked after my broadband account.

I am now without any service whatsoever at home until at least the 13th July and I am losing the telephone number that I have had for 24 years.

Mushroom Components is now placing funds at my solicitors disposal so that they my claim appropriate damages from Virgin Media for my loss of earnings and vexation.

As of today’s date, the Virgin Media website still proclaims that their cable service is available at my address and proudly boasts “Virgin Media – a more exciting place to live!”

6th July Update

Virgin website at last updated to show that fibre-optic is not available at my address although it is available at all other houses in my street.

BT are going to charge me £99 to reconnect my telephone line

July 10th Update

My neighbours have had a mailshot from Virgin Media soliciting Hi-Speed Broadband & TV

Letter sent to Virgin Media giving them 14 days to pay our expenses plus £99 for BT reconnection or face County Court Summons

October 24th Update

Virgin Media summoned to appear at Bedford County Court on December 6th to defend my claim.

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Dom said...

Good luck Paul - about time someone stood up to these monkeys !