Wednesday 30 July 2008

We are all getting older

The recent death of marketing Guru Evan Steadman reminded me that we are all getting older.

Over the years I have lost contact with buddies that I grew up with.....

I would very much like to make contact again before we all croak it:-

Dick Broome - emigrated to Australia in 1967
Chris Crowther - my flying instructor Biggin Hill 1966
Bill Clinker - ex Athena - last seen 1979
Dick Williams - ex Distronic - last seen 1990
Bob Pearson - ex Mushroom - last seen 1991
Terry Roeves - ex MCP & Zetex - last seen 1995
Any salesman from Solidev Ltd - 1968
Ian Buxton - ex HRS - last seen 1988
The 2000 girls at Texas Instruments Bedford -1965 - I may not have loved you all - but I loved as many as I could!

If anyone knows the whereabouts of the any of the above - please let them know how to contact me.

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