Wednesday 30 July 2008

Motorists, speed cameras & technology

Great Britain is the most watched Country in the World....everywhere one looks there is someone or something watching you.

Friends in London have told me that whenever they have been burgled it's just not worth reporting the matter to the Police as all they do is give you a crime number for insurance purposes - but accidentally put ONE wheel in one of Red Ken's or (Boris's if you prefer) precious Bus Lanes - there's a 100 quid fixed penalty notice on its way to you within microseconds - cos you've been zapped on one of London's 17410348709187032874789 cameras.

I find it bizarre that a respectable law abiding motorist can lose his driving licence - his job - his home all because in any three year period he falls slightly foul of the Governments armchair policing policy of using Speed Cameras to catch speeding motorists driving at one or two miles an hour over the speed limit.

Every year hundreds of millions of pounds are raked in by the Government in speeding fines.

Every day we all witness examples of dangerous driving - that Police or the speed cameras don't see.

We have the technology available that as soon as a motorist sees any unacceptable or dangerous driving, a button can be pressed on his dashboard to record the event with the on-board digital camera and transmit the event immediately to the Police.

Have you also noticed that the Authorities have now got mobile detector vans to ensure that vehicles are displayed a valid road tax disc?

Surely the sensible way forward is that vehicles cannot be driven unless smart cards are inserted in a reader validating insurance, road tax and the drivers licence at the same time monitoring his breath to ensure he / she is sober.

The technology is here now - lets go for it!

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