Wednesday 30 July 2008

£1000 Reward for information

Paul Vaughan my fearless leader from Mushroom Components tells me that on the afternoon of Sunday 27th July, one of the company vans was broken into while parked in the Embankment Bedford.

The thieves made off with a TomTom 720 SatNav and about £50 in cash as well as having caused damage estimated to be £1000 to the van.

The Bedford Police responded quickly and have several fingerprints now on file.

There is a an alarming rise in thefts of SatNavs to fund drug habits.

I say to the Government.....

£5 billion a year is spent of class A drugs....largely from the proceeds of petty crime.

Either a] give the drugs away free or b] anyone caught selling / dealing / using should be deported or put down so that these parasites no longer pose a threat or a drain on society.

Paul Vaughan has offered to put up £1000 of his own cash for information leading to the successful arrest and conviction of the culprits.

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