Wednesday 27 January 2010

No Parking! - No Problem!

Car drivers in Bedford are in for a treat. No more need to pay to use the public car parks.

Dumping your car where you please is no longer just a perk for the legit invalid blue sticker badge holder (or one you buy on eBay!)

The upholders of the Queens law and other local officials are turning a blind eye to parking offenders.

On most streets - especially those with double yellow lines, cars are parked covering most of the pavement.

Who needs pavements? - nobody walks these days anyway.

Gone are the days when a traffic warden was permanently camped outside my old shop waiting to pounce with a parking ticket as soon as I drove up.

Well done Chief Constable for modern thinking - I trust we are also now just giving our local crooks a clip round the ear?

1 comment:

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