Wednesday 27 January 2010

Football - its a wind-up!

With the English football team targetting to emulate the great Bobby Moores 1966 team in South Africa this summer - the domestic scene looks bleak.

As we learn today that Crystal Palace is yet another club in the hands of Administrators, the High Court in London have shortly to deal with winding up orders served on Portsmouth, Cardiff, Accrington Stanley (who are they?) Redditch, Chester and Darlington to name but a few.

Who's to blame for the financial collapse in our national game?

The buck must stop with the Club's board - in most cases living in a dream world way beyond their means - paying ludicrous wages to young kids hoping success on the field will follow.

Listening to the demands of the fans who believe that the club can spend their way of of trouble or buy success.

Until recently, money from the top of the football pyramid would flow down through the leagues in transfer fees as the big clubs bought players from within the UK. That rarely happens now. The top clubs with money to burn invariably spend on imported or proven players. Thus we have a few fabulously wealthy clubs and the majority up to their necks in debt to the banks.

What's to be done?

1] FIFA and the other world bodies must consider wage caps and restrictions on imported players.

2] Clubs finances have to be transparent and the Football authorities have to control the sale of our league clubs to overseas speculators. Manchester United - arguably the most famous club on the planet is now hundreds of millions of pounds in debt since the Glazer family got their paws on it.

3] Directors of clubs entering admistration must not be allowed to own or control further clubs.

4] Break the SKY TV monopoly

Football league clubs could do well to follow the example of long service manager Dario Gradi's and Chairman John Bowler's club - Crewe Alexandra - the club that I have supported for over 50 years . The club has survived by developing home grown talent and selling on - Dean Ashton, Nicky Maynard and Luke Varney in recent seasons to name a few of the many.

Action is need now if we are to save our National Game.

Dario and me

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