Monday 3 February 2014

3 MOBILE - one of my biggest mistakes!

In 40 years of being in business, I have make some good decisions and some bad decisions and some unbelievable bad decisions.
One of the worst ever was getting two Apple iPhones from the 3 Mobile Store in Wellingborough.
Almost from day 1, the manager of the store proved to be the most unhelpful and arrogant shop worker I have ever had the misfortune to come across.
Over the next two years 3 Mobile have caused me to involve the local trading standards office and solicitors because of their attitude and lack of service
The last straw came recently, when, knowing that the contracts are due to expire on the 28th of March, I phoned them to give them more than the thirty days notice period. ( they insist that you phone in order for them to try and get you to stay on....!!)
Their operative in India said that I had to call on the 28th of February to cancel otherwise I would have to pay an early settlement fee.
I said that I did not want to cancel early , I just wanted to give early notice that on the due date, the contract was ended and in any case I did not know where in the world I would be on the 28th February.

I eventually I was put through to a supervisor who accepted my cancellations.

Just another example of my time that this outfit has wasted.

As I told the supervisor, if 3 Mobile were the only phone company in the UK, I would do without a phone.

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